Prof. Eduardo Castillo Castaneda 講演会

National Polytechnic InstituteのEduardo Castillo Castaneda教授が来日し,下記要領にて講演会が開催されました.

日 時 平成23年6月10日(金) 16:40-17:40
場 所 石川台6号館325号室
題 目 Calibration and measurement of the stiffness of robot manipulators using image processing
講 師 Prof. Eduardo Castillo Castaneda (武田研の客員研究員として来日中)
Instituto Politecnico Nacional CICATA Unidad Queretaro, Mexico
概 要 The precision and rigidity are key concepts that determine the performance of any manipulator. Devices to quantify these variables are generally quite expensive and limited in the workspace that can cover, also are not well adapted to measure the orientation of the manipulator. The aim of this talk is to present a technique for data acquisition and image processing to measure with high precision, the position and orientation of the end effector of any manipulator. These measurements are used for robot calibration purposes and to estimate its stiffness in a large workspace.