Lab Tour Information for Graduate Entrance Exam Candidates

We will be holding a lab tour for those taking the graduate entrance examination in the 2024 academic year. If you wish to participate, please register using the link below.
1st tour: Offline @ Ookayama Campus:
March 27, 2024 (Wednesday) 15:30-17:00

2nd tour (Zoom, together with Tsutsui & Endo Lab)
April 19, 2024 (Friday) 14:30~16:00(Takeda & Sugahara Lab)
16:00~17:30(Tsutsui & Endo Lab)

3rd session (Offline @ Ookayama Campus)
May 25, 2024 (Saturday) 13:30-15:00

For inquiries, please contact info[at] (replace [at] with @).
*The purpose of the lab tour is to introduce the activities of the lab, and no explanation regarding the entrance examination will be provided.
*Just before the start time of the first session, there will be a briefing and tour for the Nakamura & Endo labs in the building next door. If you wish to participate in these, please register separately on the Tsutsui & Endo labs’ website.

(2/27 added information)
In addition, the zoom seminar about information for graduate entrance exam held by Department of Mechanical Engineering are in the following schedule:
1st: March 11, 2024 (Mon.) 15:00 – 16:15
2nd: April 11, 2024 (Thu.) 11:00 – 12:15
3rd: May 14, 2024 (Tue.) 13:00 – 14:15
Please find more in formation on the HP of Department of Mechanical Engineering.