Research Themes

Research interests

Design of mechanical systems, Robotics, Kinematics, Image-based measurements, Welfare engineering, Bio-mechanics, KANSEI engineering.

Research topics

Establishment of analysis, design and optimization methodologies of mechanical systems and its application for robotics and mechatronics.
Development of highly functional mechanical elements such as actuators, power-preservers, brakes and bearings.
Development of variable stiffness mechanism that can adapt to surrounding environment and given tasks and and its motion control methodology.
As application of (1) to (3), development of industrial machines useful for small lot production of many products, and analysis of kinetostatic analysis of human motion and development of welfare apparatuses.

On-going projects

Kinetostatic analysis of parallel mechanisms, Dynamical analysis, Synthesis and design of high-power and precise pipe bender based on singular point analysis (Fig.1), Development of pipe-feeding mechanism, In-situ calibration using image measurement, Development of flexure hinges that can be used in extreme environments (e.g. vacuum, dusty, high- or low temperatures)

(ii) Welfare apparatus development

Walking Assist Machine using Crutches (WAMC) which is aiming to assist users’ daily mobility in standing posture safely (Fig.2), Rehabilitation mechanisms that can adjust external load on human’s joint promptly so that unnecessary load can be prevented and only helpful load can be given.

(iii) Variable stiffness mechanisms for human-daily- and natural environments

Elastic redundant mechanism having passive elastic mechanical elements such as coil springs are capable to output desired output position and stiffness simultaneously. We are going to apply such mechanism for manipulators and leg mechanisms for robots that can be used in human daily environment, natural environment and disaster sites.

pipebender.jpg wamc.jpg
Fig.1: 3-RPSR-parallel mechanism type pipe bender Fig.2: Walking Assist Machine using Crutches (WAMC)